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Industrial IoT Sensor

Industrial IoT Sensor (Smart Factory)

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Data → Al Build [Data gathering→ Data labeling→ Data analysis→ Machine learning] → Firmware Porting → Operation
Accurate data sensing and labeling are the key success factors of “Predictive Maintenance”. Vibration? Unbalance? Rattle? Lubrication?
Data Data
Data accuracy : What type of sensor to select? Where to mount the sensor for optimum data acquisition? , Data sorting : Which data to discard and which to take? How to handle the massive data? , Sensor development : Sensor cost? Sensor reliability? Our requirements to be incorporated?

Solutions & Approach

“IIOT sensor to be enable to provide customized information through
machine learning of equipment data especially for smart factory”

Smart manufacturing : Core solution ,AI IoT platform/ Smart IoT Sensor Solution : Data Gathering, Data Analysis, Model Learning, Recognition Model Implementation


“An optimized AIoT is essential for a smart factory.”

Already, we are smarting facility and process data through successful collaboration with customers.

“AI Smart safety control IoT Sensor development”

Construction Application

“AI Smart Factory Maintenance Sensor Development”

Electronic Application

“Development of AI smart factory abnormality detection sensor”

Heavy Industry Application

Industrial IoT Sensor Strength

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Division NeuroSense Sensor node Competitive Advantage
Shape Industrial IoT Sensor
  • Experience of Harsh environment (Poor environment) Product Design

  • Provides FFT(vibration/noise) and Edge AI algorithms optimized for customer needs

  • Sensor failure self-diagnosis function

Vibration/noise/humidity/barometric pressure sensor(integrated)
Communication Method Bluetooth
Battery life(Upto 2 yrs)
“On-device AI Add function” (Smart IIoT Implementable)
Design Customization
(HW, FW, Algorithm, Instrument)
On-site support
(On-site support for training, maintenance, and repair)
Sensor for equipment diagnosis(IIOT)
Communication Method Smart phone, Gateway