NeuroSense, Edge Intelligence to your product


System Semiconductor

System Semiconductor (System-in-Package)

  • Highly integrated One-chip solution (Optimized for edge AI)
  • Semiconductor Package Part
    • Micro Processor + 6 Axis Sensor + BLE Module

                Sensor: 3 Axis acceleration/3 Axis gyro

Application Field

  • Automotive Application - (Tyre Inner-liner mounted)
  • Other Smart device makers (AI Embedded device)
    • Smart Wearable / Smart Farm / Smart Home / Smart Toys

Neurosense System Semiconductor Competitive Advantages

Edge computing AI(On-device AI) Technology Competitiveness

Dedicated NeuroSense’s Edge AI Tool Chain and optimized hardware to provide new value propositions

뉴로센스 시스템 반도체 Competitive Advantages 뉴로센스 시스템 반도체 Competitive Advantages
    • 데이터
    • 데이터 수집, 가공 및 관리 (데이터 수집 어플리케이션)
    • 무선통신 데이터 수집
    • 데이터 레이블링 및 메타데이터 관리
    • Machine Learning
    • Intellingece Pack (파이썬기반의 머신러닝 알고리즘 프레임 워크)
    • 데이터 프로세싱
    • 특징 추출 및 선정
    • 학습 시뮬레이션
    • Bin. SW
    • 하드웨어 포팅 (펌웨어 개발)
    • 알고리즘 임베디드 변환
    • 펌웨어 개발
    • 하드웨어 포팅
  1. 1. Development Lead-time

    Third-party AI tool acquisition and linkage development period ~1.5 year
    Algorithm development and hardware implementation takes 1~2 months
  2. 2. Cost

    Billions of developments costs (FW + AI)
    At the price of $5~ Algorithm and firmware development support
  3. 3. Manpower

    PCB design, F/W design, algorithm design, engineers, etc. need a number of skilled development engineers
    Minimum domain engineering resource required for development (1~2 engineers)

Neurosense System Semiconductor Competitive Advantage

You can see it by scrolling horizontally.

Neurosense : System Semiconductor Competitive Advantage
Low Power :
Low Power MCU& BLE Module Use(Nordic)
H/W Architecture Optimized for Edge AI
Reduces costs by operating on low-end MCUs
Neurosense specific Edge AI S/W Tool Chain
Development lead time reduction (80% or more)
Super-integration to be expandable to various applications
Reduced size by more than 50% compared to PCB
Price competitiveness
Reduce material cost by more than 30% compared to PCB
Product verification for mass production completed
Securing reliability in Manufacturing major Parts and circuits
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